Automate Your Business

Automate the Social Selling Process!

  • Initiate Process 1

    Describe a Service You Provide

    Write 3 - 5 sentences and paste into a pre-tested email template.

  • Interact 2

    Meet and Connect With People

    Attend networking events, collect business cards. Take a picture of each card with your mobile phone.

  • No Interaction Required 3

    Automate Your Announcements

    Automatically, your new contacts are emailed an announcement with a link to a Service Page.

  • No Interaction Required 4

    Prospects Click To Your Service Page

    Visitors are persuaded by any discount or promotion you may be offering.

  • No Interaction Required 5

    Automate Thank You's for Visiting

    Include an invitation to Chat with you privately, to answer any questions.

  • Optional Interaction 6

    Chat Privately with Prospects

    Instant notification when a visitor wants to chat. Select from several pre-written responses or customize a reply, using your iPhone

  • No Interaction Required 7

    Automate Appointments

    The prospect clicks once to set an appointment with you at a convenient time, that does not conflict with other activities.

  • No Interaction Required 8

    Automate Payments

    The new customer makes a deposit or pays in full using the convenience of PayPal or a favourite credit card.

  • No Interaction Required 9

    Automate Reminders

    Early on the day of the appointment both you and your new client receive reminder text messages complete with maps to appointment location.

  • Service Fulfillment 10

    Effortless Service Delivery

    During or after the appointment, make notes, complete time sheets and start the automated follow up process to set more appointments.

  • No Interaction Required

    Ongoing Communication

    Automated reminders showcasing service features and benefits.. Convenient process for clients to re-book and pay.

Tech-Savvy Organizations enjoy a higher equity value!

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